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Montel Williams

Various Bugs Noted by Players

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  • Tear gas will spam the chat with messages when a player is stunned by one
  • Rank increase and money is not given to indeps when they kill blufor/opfor
    • This could be incorrect as I've heard reports of players getting both just fine. If further complaints are brought then it will be looked at.
  • Tripod weight may be set too high
  • Vehicle ammo only adds 1 rocket to the SPG9 static. Unknown how other vehicles are affected
  • Switching to the staff skin inside a vehicle improperly saves the skin of the vehicle and not the player's skin
  • "... has become PMC" can be spammed in chat
    • Potentially fixed. Needs testing.
  • Keychain does not work if you "use" it in the inventory (should open the menu that shows when the normal keychain app is used)
    • Potentially fixed. Needs testing.
  • Donator at indep base may be broken
  • Can put money in stocks and then pull it out on another faction
  • Backpacks bought at indep base can quickly fill the box and then will be spawned on the ground nearby
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  • Another "bug" that has been noted is the view distance is capped at 5000. This should be upped to at least 10km for players who want that.
    • Potentially fixed. Needs testing. New cap is set at 15km.
  • Also noticed that blindfolds may trigger the "you have managed to slip the blindfold off" even after they have been removed already? Would need more investigation.
    • Found this to be true. Potentially fixed. Needs testing.
  • A sign should be tastefully placed on the side of the resources to prevent running through the wall
  • The skin shop at indep base may be destructible for some reason...
  • Error: No Unit is appearing in various menus. This should be checked.
  • Assassination missions may have issues where the target is killed without player action. May need a rework overall if its the original TLR scripts.
  • Police may not be able to vote a chief of police.
    • Potentially fixed for all factions. Needs testing.
Edited by Montel Williams

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