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    Sorry for the delays but I'm quite busy. Forums will be setup along with a posting of an updated set of rules over the next few days. The mission should be receiving an update this evening (1/29) which fixes the annoying chat spam when stunning with teargas along with a possible performance increase. Accounts should be unlocked. Toss bugs in the bug section and please try to provide as much info about the situation. Helps with finding and fixing them.
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    The following changes have been implemented on the server: Automatic restarts (6hrs) and updates have been implemented Messages will be corrected for less spam Fixed the "has become PMC" spammable action on PMC atm. Using the keychain from your inventory now properly opens the keychain dialog View distance maximum setting has been increased from 5k to 15km Blindfolds should no longer run the slip off notification/animation if they have already been removed Voting on factions should be corrected Needs to be verified! Almost all front facing references to RISE have been removed. Images are the last major part. (Marked as 4.1.2 in game since 4.1 was the last version originally)
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    We got something in the works.
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    Tear gas will spam the chat with messages when a player is stunned by one Rank increase and money is not given to indeps when they kill blufor/opfor This could be incorrect as I've heard reports of players getting both just fine. If further complaints are brought then it will be looked at. Tripod weight may be set too high Vehicle ammo only adds 1 rocket to the SPG9 static. Unknown how other vehicles are affected Switching to the staff skin inside a vehicle improperly saves the skin of the vehicle and not the player's skin "... has become PMC" can be spammed in chat Potentially fixed. Needs testing. Keychain does not work if you "use" it in the inventory (should open the menu that shows when the normal keychain app is used) Potentially fixed. Needs testing. Donator at indep base may be broken Can put money in stocks and then pull it out on another faction Backpacks bought at indep base can quickly fill the box and then will be spawned on the ground nearby
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    Click the link to view the current EDEN Takistan Life Rules
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    If you buy 1 cleaning Equipment from the pharmacy you can just keep clicking use and it will give you mixing equipment for the many times you press it.